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No EQU4LS in battle...

…As you see those bright red eyes staring at you, you do not have time to think nor look away, as you feel your muscles tighten and turn to stone. You start falling, and close your eyes… Continue reading

Rediscover our MiniGames #3: Time Bomb Evolution

So I was looking at the shelf of Minigames, trying to decide which one I would pick this time, when someone poked me on the shoulder. 'You should be careful, you know,' he said,… Continue reading

Monster of the Week #1: You recognised Cthulhu!

This summer, challenge yourself with our game 'Summer of Monsters', on our King of Tokyo facebook page. On each Saturday, we will publish a close-up of a monster from KOT-verse, and you… Continue reading

GU3ESS who's next

…You stretch your arm to reach the crown, and suddenly poof, you are gone again. You are lying on the floor, your head is spinning. You open your eyes with difficulties, and manage to get… Continue reading

Rediscover our MiniGames #2: High Risk

High Risk: Get your ice ax out! In this new series of articles, we are inviting you to (re)discover our selection of mini-games. In this second article, we will be talking about High Risk… Continue reading

Rediscover our MiniGames #1: Welcome to the Dungeon

- This is it, I’m entering the cave.- No way.- Excuse me?- I don’t believe you. See, Kaalax, your skills as a show-off are undeniable, but when it comes to being brave…- Eat your words you… Continue reading

Someone 2PECIAL is Near

…A flash of light, a deafening thud, and whoosh, you are gone. You reappear in a new, almost unreal, place. Under your feet, there is a floor of carved rough stones. You are surrounded by… Continue reading