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Kitara: Prosperity and Conquests

As I listened to the drumbeats of war echoing through the cool night breeze, I was reminded of my grandfather’s words:

‘What is the point in risking your friends’ lives to a lost battle? If your enemy is too strong, be wise enough to retreat. Gather your troops. Seek the counsel of the ancient spirits, then go back to battle!'

As the drums grew louder and the horizon became overshadowed by a dust as dark as the war going on, I raised a fist in the air in the direction of my men.

Kitara board and box

A War for Territories                         

In Kitara, conquest is the cornerstone of the game. You must reunify the Empire, and it can only be done by controlling territories. Confrontations are prompt and end with the immediate victory of the belligerent with the largest army, and the retreat of their opponent.

In Savannah, tribes are constantly moving and in order to secure their territories, they must leave some of their men behind…Who may have proven crucial to the conquest. How many warriors will you leave in this part of Savannah? Which ones will you take to battle? Did you recruit Heroes to assert your power?

Kitara war of territories

More territories, more actions

Each turn, you must choose a card to build your empire. These cards, placed in your empire, in front of you, come with different advantages, and will influence your game: recruit Warriors, Master-Animals, and Heroes, move your troops, gain Prosperity Points!

With this ingenious mechanism comes a variety of subtle strategies to confuse your opponent! What will be their next move? Attack you? Gather their troops? The tension will increase, as will the size of your armies, and your encounters will become more and more frequent!

Kitara_action cards

Manage your troops

Regardless of your moves, you will have to discard any excess cards at the end of each turn if you do not possess enough Kingdoms. Thankfully, some cards can be kept no matter what. But you will still have to cleverly manage the resources of your nascent empire because every discarded card will result in the loss of the card’s corresponding meeples.

It is not only about being the greatest conqueror, but also about being a strategist!

So, which cards will you sacrifice?


Prosperity is the key to success!

At the end of the game, the player who has been most prosperous wins. Their prosperity is achieved by sending heroes to lead the conquest and sending your Master-Animals to rummage through the ruins of the ancient Bacwezi to find some of their lost wisdom. Before sending your troops to a new territory, make sure you know what lies ahead. Do you have enough people to conquer it? How many prosperity points will you gain from it? Will you have enough to reunify the Kitara Empire in all its glory?

Kitara is a strategy and area control game, easy to learn and innovative, inspired from Ancestral African legends.




  • Designed by Eric B. Vogel
  • Illustrated by Miguel Coimbra
  • Octobre 2020
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