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Monster of the Week #3: You recognised Pandakaï

This summer, challenge yourself with our game 'Summer of Monsters', on our King of Tokyo facebook page. On each Saturday, we will publish a close-up of a monster from KOT-verse, and you will have to identify the monster, and from which King of - King of Tokyo, King of New York, King of Tokyo - Dark Edition, Power Up, Monster Packs, Promotional's taken!

Wait, what? You didn't know there was a King of Tokyo facebook page? Well there you go: here it is!

This Saturday, we published our THIRD close-up, and of course, you recognized Pandakai, from the Power-up expansion of King of Tokyo.


Who is Pandakaï?

Lives in: a Chinese temple
Favourite dish: Bamboo, in all its forms
Particularity: Its martial initiation has made him a master of the smash!
Appears in: King of Tokyo – Power Up

Pandakai masters the wuxi fingerhold!

 All these years cloistered in that Chinese temple, practicing subtle martial art all day long, have not been in vain. He arrived as a little and innocent panda, and is now one of the best martial artists! He masters all kinds of holds and moves: pandamonium, panda express, pandarwinism, but his favourites are the ones related to Bamboo.

He sleeps in Bamboo trees, eats Bamboo, fights with Bamboo – his life is Bamboo.


His knowledge and powers are everyone’s

All these years’ lessons taught Pandakaï wisdom and that there was no better battle than a fair one.

That is why now that he is ready to go to battle and claim the city of Tokyo, he wants share his ancient knowledge with each and every one who is willing to fight.

Each monster from King of Tokyo will benefit from new powers! Before entering the fight, Pandakaï makes sure that everyone gets a unique set of evolution cards that will grant them special abilities and make their fighting styles unrivalled! 

evolution cards power up

One Power-up card for Meka Dragon, one for Alienoïd, and one for Cyber Bunny…

In King of Tokyo Power-up, there is a set of evolution cards for every monster of King of Tokyo: Alienoïd, Meka Dragon, Gigazaur, Space Penguin, Cyber Kitty, the King and even Cyber Bunny and Kraken, from the first edition!

These evolution cards will grant permanent or temporary powers to your monsters. Battles will never be the same.


…But Pandakaï also thinks of monsters in New-York!

How generous of him! If you possess King of New York, you can make your monsters evolve and develop asymmetrical powers as well, for there is a Power-up expansion for King of New-York as well!

King of Tokyo - Power up

In the end, there is a monster for everyone

Battles will never be the same, and if you feel like there’s still so much to discover yet, trust your instincts, because it is true!

Halloween monsters, Cyber-tigers that shift shape, Ancient Egyptian gods…monsters from all around the world are awakening and they are ready to rampage the cities!

King of Tokyo - Power up


1 Rulebook
56 Evolution cards
16 Evolution cards for Cyber Bunny and Kraken (only available in the 1st Edition of King of Tokyo)
8 Tokens
1 Pandakaï monster board
1 Cardboard figure + stand

 The Power-up pack is compatible with King of Tokyo (and King of Tokyo - Dark Edition). 

Last saturday we focused on Boogie Woogie, from our Halloween expansion. Click here to see its wiki.

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Publié le 18 August 2020

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