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Plan your Halloween Night with IELLO games!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, oh wait, no it’s not yet! But it is in a few days… And while children are trick or treating in the streets, what is the best thing to do? A board game night, of course! And there are plenty of choices for a spooky night, out there! Here is a list of perfect games to plan your Halloween night!

King of Tokyo – Halloween Expansion

During your usual game nights, there’s always a moment to play King of Tokyo. A nice and fun game to play with any number of people, easy-to-teach to everyone, and quick to learn. It’s not really a party game, but it’s no party without a King of Tokyo!

During your Halloween game night, you have to add the Halloween expansion: two exclusive and dangerous monsters will come and frighten the city of Tokyo. Boogie Woogie and Jack will join the festivities and allow all the other monsters to disguise themselves!

Disguised monsters cards - Halloween Pack - King of Tokyo

Learn more about Halloween Pack here!

Halloween Pack - King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo – Cthulhu Monster Pack

You want to frighten your guests even more? Let’s bring Cthulhu to this party! The terrifying giant beast will make them all go crazy! This expansion enables you to spread panic amongst the monsters, have them mistake dream for reality with madness tokens. Defeat cultists to gain extra hearts, energy tokens, and extra rolls.

To use these powers, you need the Power-Up expansion.

Learn more about Cthulhu Monster Pack here!

Cthulhu monster pack

King of Tokyo – Dark Edition

Who could possibly spend such a dark night, without getting their King of Tokyo – Dark Edition out? Spread your black velvet linen on the table, light some candles, and open your Dark box.

King of Tokyo – Dark Edition dark themes and material will be perfect for the night. A new track of Wickedness has been added, for even more fun and strategies. And if you want the night to be cosy, you will be glad, because it includes a 2-player variant!

Learn more about the Dark Edition here!

King of Tokyo - Dark Edition 3d box

The Big Book of Madness

You opened an old spell book, and all monsters are now trying to escape! You must act fast!

The Big Book of Madness is a challenging co-operative game, in which players are magic students who must act as a team to turn all the pages of the book, then shut it by defeating all the terrible and terrifying monsters they just released!

Each player has their own element deck that they build during the game and use for several purposes, such as learning or casting a spell, adding a new element to their deck, destroying or healing a curse. Spells allow you to support your playmates, improve your deck, draw cards, etc. — but the monsters from the book fight back. Each comes with terrible curses that are triggered every turn unless you dispel them in time. They will make you discard elements, add madness cards to your deck, or lose spells...

But will you manage to defeat the monsters, or will you let them run free forever?

The Big Book of Madness - 3d box

Sticky Chameleon

Fly, you fools, before the beast catches you!

In Sticky Chameleon, you play a greedy lizard that wants the best meal! With your sticky elastic tongue, catch the insect that tempts you, and if you catch others in your course, it is OK, but be careful, because if you catch a wasp, it will sting you, and you’ll lose your prey!

A light dexterity game that will make all the family roll on the floor laughing, but also searching and fighting over a fell-off insect!!!

Yes, it may not be a Halloween themed game per say, but you should see people act crazy when they play, it’s really scary!

Sticky Chameleon 3d box

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