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New King of Tokyo Monster: The Draccus

Worldbuilders and IELLO are proud to introduce the newest King of Tokyo Monster: The Draccus, from Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles! Visit the Worldbuilders booth (#663) at GenCon 2015 to grab a new monster for the rompin’-est, stompin’-est game this side of our favorite giant monster movies!

IELLO’s multi-award-winning King of Tokyo, designed by Richard Garfield (designer of Magic: the Gathering), lets you and your friends vie to be the last monster in Tokyo by collecting power, glory, and genetic modifications while attacking each other and flattening the city. Strategy and luck are your best friends and worst enemies in this family-friendly game that’s won the hearts of both casual and hardcore gamers in the past four years.

Since the game’s debut, IELLO has released expansion packs and a monster movie sequel, King of New York. The folks at IELLO are also big fans of New York Times bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss, and were tickled to find out that Pat loved playing King of Tokyo. They hung out a bit during Gen Con 2013, and a plan was hatched to bring the coal-chomping, resin-addicted Draccus out of his novel The Name of the Wind and into Tokyo Bay.  IELLO couldn’t wait to share their love for Rothfuss’s books with the boardgame community, and vice-versa.

The new Draccus monster was designed by King of New York artist Régis Torres, and is fully playable in the original King of Tokyo game as well as King of New York. It will debut at Gen Con 2015, and will be available at the Worldbuilders booth for $20.00 during the con. Afterward, you’ll be able to grab one via Patrick Rothfuss’s online store, The Tinker’s Packs (, where all proceeds go to charity.

In Rothfuss’s book The Name of the Wind, the narrator, Kvothe, finds himself face-to-face with the Draccus, a very real beast on which the legends of dragons were based. Kvothe is shocked that not only does it actually exist, but he suddenly finds himself having to survive an encounter with one, and save an entire city from its drug-crazed rampage. Kvothe needs to use all his wits and tricks to come out alive, let alone triumphant.

As a bonus, 100% of the sales of the new Draccus card will go to support Rothfuss’s charity Worldbuilders, which has to date raised over $3.5 million for Heifer International to help end hunger and bring families and communities out of poverty. So you’ll be able to destroy Tokyo with a clear conscience! The Worldbuilders staff are also a bit crazy for tabletop and role-playing games, and one of their favorites is King of Tokyo (not even kidding: visit for the latest saga). There may be fights over who gets to be the Draccus.

For information on Pat’s charity Worldbuilders, visit To see what sort of geeky goodness The Tinker’s Packs carries, head over to And finally, if you’d like to see how Heifer International helps impoverished families and communities, visit

King of Tokyo: Draccus


Published 23 July 2015

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