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Game Submissions

  • king of tokyo prototype

Have you created a game that is out of the ordinary, that leaves you wanting more, and that has all of the elements to become the next big hit?
Are you looking for a serious and passionate editor to make your project a reality?
Don't wait any longer!

Each week, we receive many board game submissions. We carefully consider each one of these submissions and try to reply systematically. To help us evaluate and choose proposed games, and reply to you in a reasonable time, we set up the following form.

To help us understand your game and the qualities that set it apart from other submissions, please include a video that presents the main features and mechanics of your game (a 2 to 5 minute video is best).

IELLO's editorial line:

Games that aren't for us:

  • Games longer than 90 minutes
  • Games with complex mechanics
  • Strictly solo or 2-player games
  • Quick or party games without a very original twist
  • Abstract games (like chess)
  • Variants of existing games

Games we're looking for:

  • Games with innovative mechanics (but quick setup)
  • Very immersive games, in which players have an adventure
  • Clever and minimalistic games (for the Mini Games line)
  • Children's games (this line is currently in development)

Trust us to bring your creations to players' tables.


timeline of game development