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Heroes of Normandie opened the liberation paths of Europe. This has been made possible with strong and powerful icons, going beyond what the simple man could do.

These men and women have become something greater. They have become superheroes: fast, agile, endowed with extraordinary faculties, with mythical equipment and advanced technology!

Send Captain Justice, the Super Yankee, to the front. He will stand at the front line of German armies, equipped with only his strength and patriotism. Meanwhile, Lady Britain will illuminate the dark sky with clapping lightning.

The Allies are not the only ones who have superheroes! The Reich has their own figurehead facing the opposing titans. A dark she-wolf gets in the way of these superheroes. Animal rage boils deep within her and bloodlust is her reason for living. Her opponents are her next meal. She will leave them no chance, and if they ever manage to escape, her pack of werewolves will track them … Evil Anja is the mother of the pack.

Superheroes will have access to a new type of recruitment option: superpowers! Instead of suffering hits, they can decide to lose a superpower.

This is an expansion to Heroes of Normandie. The base game is required to play.

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